Booking the flight

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Challenge: Peppermint – 17. wall :: Blueberry Yogurt – 26. double take :: Marmalade – 21. ticket

Rated: PG for swearing :: Word count: 250 :: Title: New Job – Applying

The air in the office was humid. A tiny table fan was combating the stagnant atmosphere, but it was futile. The men and women inside the building continued to suffer the July heat.

Nathan was standing up against a wall near the counter reading through his application papers. As far as he could tell, he had filled out as much as he could. When he had asked for the application forms from the recruitment officer, the man had done a double take. “The Suicides? Are you sure?”

Nathan had frowned and simply nodded. The officer didn’t ask again, simply shook his head and said. “I’ll be back.” Then the man slipped into a room behind the counter. Nathan heard a filing cabinet open and papers being shuffled through. After a moment the cabinet slid shut and the officer walked back out. Without a word the man had slid the papers across the counter to Nathan and handed him a pen. “Welcome aboard.” The officer had said. Nathan raised an eyebrow at that and replied, “I’m already aboard, just changing the location.”

Normally an army man didn’t change his position in the middle of a contract, especially since Nathan had only been with the army for four years. But when a group like the Suicide Corps come knocking at your door, you either hand them a damn good excuse not to leave with them or inform them when you’ll be buying your flight ticket. And Nathan had no reason to stay.

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