Visiting the past

These short drabbles were posted on the livejournal community runaway_tales, thus the prompts.

Challenge: Blueberry Yogurt – 7. a fresh start :: Wildberry – 13. stood up

Rated: G :: Word count: 250 :: Title: New Job – Telling the family

It was windy today. The breeze held the fresh scent of newly cut grass, and stray leaves and lost flower petals whirled across the grave stones.

Nathan was kneeling between two modest graves. He held one hand over each stone marker and traced the engravings. Mother, sister.

“I found a new job.” He spoke in a low whisper, “The pay is good, and Carter says I’ll fit right in.” He leaned down to kiss the sun-warmed granite. “It will be a new beginning for me. New brothers, new place, new purpose.” Nathan blinked rapidly when he straightened up, forcing his tears back. “You two always did tell me to try exciting things, but I don’t think you planned on me going so far away.”

The young man lifted his head and felt the sun on his back. He stood up slowly, reclaiming his composure as he regained his height. With eyes closed Nathan imagined a wistful smile on a middle-aged woman and a grin on a teenage girl. “I’ll miss you two. I’ll come visit whenever I can,” he paused, “though I don’t know when that will be.”

He opened his eyes and read the stones’ words again. “I’ll go say the news to Julie too. She won’t be happy, but there’s no reason for me to stay anyway.” He smiled softly as his heart twisted and he forced himself to keep his brave smile. “You’ve all moved on without me already. And you know that’s just not fair.”

Challenge: Blueberry Yogurt – 14. a miracle :: Peppermint – 21. tears :: Cookies n Cream – 20. reach

Rated: PG for swearing :: Word count: 250 :: Title: New Job – What do others think?

Nathan stepped up to another grave surrounded by flowers. He smiled and nodded his head. “Hi Jules.” He felt the breeze return and watched a few flowers donate their offerings to the wind.

He sighed and shook his head. “Yeah, I know you’re mad… No, I’m not doing it for stupid reasons.” He squinted up at the sky, “Well if I get into trouble you’ll let me know right?”

He snorted, “No Carter won’t be there. Are you kidding? The lazy ass wouldn’t help himself! Him? Fight a war? That would be a miracle alright. One of epic proportions. You know your brother is a bum.”

His breath suddenly hitched, his head bowed, his shoulders tensed and suddenly the sky was too bright, the day was too cruel. He shook his head in denial and disgust. “Damn it, I said I wouldn’t do this.”

Nathan reached out to the stone marker and touched his knees to the earth once more. “I wish I could hear your voice again Jules. I wish I was here for you.”

His strong frame shook with the effort to draw a breath that was more a sob than a gasp. “I didn’t want you to leave all by yourself, alone. I know you forgive me, but -” Nathan shut his eyes tightly and ruthlessly rammed his emotions back down. After a few tense moments he wiped his tears away and slowly opened his eyes.

“Hey Jules, why can’t I be the strong one for once?”

Challenge: Peppermint – 26. bottle :: Cookies and Cream – 4. smile

Rated: PG for swearing :: Word count: 250 :: Title: New Job – Position name

Nathan stayed bowed over Julie’s grave for a few more minutes as he tried to bring his breathing under control. His lips twisted into a sad parody of a smile as he shook his head. “I can’t believe you’re mad and I haven’t even told you what I’m doing.”

He took another breath and focused on a lone daisy in a milk bottle by the grave marker. “I see Sandra has been by.” He reached out to gently flick a white petal. “Candice must be driving the new baby-sitter up the wall.” Still smiling the man brought his hand back to his lap where he held his own bouquet of daisies. “You were the only one who could bring that hell cat to order, sweets.”

Leaning forward, Nathan brushed his fingers over the engravings and committed the feeling to memory, stored away with all his other precious moments.

“I’m joining the Suicide Corps. You know, the one in Russia making a name for themselves? They want me as scout leader.” He shook his head and sighed. Nathan placed his daisies with the other flowers, his smile gone. “I didn’t apply, didn’t even know they were looking.”

His shoulders lifted in a shrug. “They found me. Yeah… Carter’s got his fingers stuck in too many jars. He must have pissed himself but good when they called him. Bet he about fainted in relief when he found out they wanted me not him.”

“Funny how you got the balls , not your brother.”

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