Fate Explained

Well, the titan thought. I’m not sure whether to be disappointed, grateful or resigned. Slumped over the table, chin in one hand, Gregori flipped over the lottery ticket to read the rules again. A match of three… There were no sets of three. Would it have been better, he mused, if I had a winning ticket, but scratched the wrong windows?

The noise of someone coming into the apartment caught the titan’s attention and he leaned back in the chair to look. The captain was grumbling, untying his boots by the door. Gregori chuckled and dropped the ticket into the trash.

“So.” Gregori grinned. “What did the great General have to say about the Big Plan?”

Nathan snorted and kicked off a boot. “The bastard laughed so hard, he nearly depleted all his oxygen in the amber.”


Initially the musing about the lottery ticket went on for more that 61 words shown. I’m rather glad the drabble limitation forced me to cut that back.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted Gregori to be so flippant about Nathan going out to notify the General. The rescue attempt is a serious undertaking, and Nathan is very earnest. Gregori, for all that he is wholly for the cause, is a funny guy. Being morbid may be up his alley.

The lottery ticket idea came about because I got one for Christmas. So, I decided to give the titan something to play with. In a way, it matches to the theme of the drabble. It’s a game of chance, but winning wasn’t possible. Maybe Gregori was playing it as a type of lucky charm? The plan to spring the General so is a risky mission. Do they have any chances? Nathan seems to think so. The General, maybe not so much.

As to the oxygen supply in the amber… In the movie “Abyss”, a scientist had engineered a (pink) liquid that supplied oxygen to the lungs of human. I’m using the same idea here, except my version is called “amber” for its colour. This goes on to explain that because the General is suspended in this stuff, that perhaps there is a limited supply of oxygen, much like any other closed system (think scuba diving). The amber would be cycled through the main cylinder and a replenishing tank. Since the coffin is so huge, to be able to use up all that oxygen would take quite a bit. Thus why Nathan is rather miffed that the other man managed to use up most of it just by laughing. Though there may be a slight exaggeration there.

I’m slightly concerned that people may get confused about how many people are in that apartment. What with “the titan” and “the captain” being dropped in randomly. There’s only Gregori and Nathan. One could assume that the titles were separate people and then the population would double. Did anyone have that issue?


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