Limits and railroading

Perfect drabbles are incredibly hard to abide by!

I’ll hit upon an idea or a scene that I like and yet, I’m seven, or nine, or twelve words over! As restrictive as it can be though, I find that it helps me focus on what I want to convey in such a small amount. Conciseness is the editor’s master, and it certainly is coming into play now.

I’m pretty sure that many people would prefer not to read such short entries one at a time. I’m the same way. I enjoy the long, winding, intensity that comes with a well written nine page chapter. However, if I went that route, I would never get anything done in any kind of timely manner. Chapters would sit half done for months and then never get posted because I feared that I had mistakes in there or that I could have worded it more coherently. This way, I have no choice. It has to be short and it has to go up!

Goodness knows that I would never try to publish an actual book in such a manner, but Post-Trauma is to help me get into the world and meet the characters. Head-on, full-tilt and without hesitation.

The experience has certainly given me a few surprises. In Declaration, Nathan was supposed to get mad and confront the encased man over a woman’s death. No matter how I wrote it out though, neither character sat well with the scene. Both characters had gone through so much together, that it didn’t seem right that their first published interaction would be a confrontation. *snorts* Been there, done that, right boys?

Nathan didn’t want to talk to any scientists, and the guy in the glass scoffed at the idea of Nathan throwing a temper tantrum. ~shrugs~ What the hey – it got the story going a whole lot faster than I thought it would. Plan? What plan?

Oh yeah – and another note for limitations, has finally allowed me to post. So the last 5 drabbles are up there!


About azhwi

An editing student, graduated Feb 2012. An avid fan of video games, fanfiction, anime, writing, and the serial comma.
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