Insider’s Joke Explained

I held off as much as I could as to the identity of the guy in the glass tube.

When Simon is thinking, he wouldn’t go thinking about himself in third person. Nathan and Gregori knew him as the General first and Simon second. So they would address and think of him as the General.

But Rico – well, the lab rat had become buddies with the test subject. At first he would have known Simon as test subject# 12345(whatever), but as time went by, they would have ended up on a first name basis. Simon isn’t the type to push for titles, especially considering the position he is in.

Thus, Rico would only think of Simon as Simon. And in the last post, Fate, and then again in its the explanation, I kept deleting Simon’s name and type in “the General” instead. So, if even my fingers were pressing the matter, it was time to let that plot point out.

And here in this chapter, I prove that telepathy is not for everyone. It is for Simon – cuz that’s just one of his abilities, but others, like Rico, just have to cope with what they have.

I almost used my favourite word, skirl, as a descriptive word, but when I looked up the meaning (bagpipe sound) sadly, I couldn’t pull it off.

On another note – Simon laughed not because he didn’t think that there were no chances of rescue. He laughed because Nathan used just an old and over-used line to announce the plan.


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An editing student, graduated Feb 2012. An avid fan of video games, fanfiction, anime, writing, and the serial comma.
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