and up to now (2/2)

The story settled and tucked itself away during my high school years. Then I moved to Montreal and it was left behind in a binder. Years later I returned, and began to clean out the closet. Even then it didn’t revive.

What did cause it to revive, was school project. Students were to go out into the world and attend a networking event. I chose to sit in on a local writer’s group meeting. A few weeks later, school eventually washed out my chances of attending the meetings, but I had my boot to the ass. I was writing and thinking fiction again.

I put a few thoughts to paper, bought a notepad for that express reason. I began posting to a community on livejournal, but eventually left that too. My website was born. Knobbly-kneed, awkward, hard to understand and shaky. And then my writing lapsed into silence in acquiescence to the greater good that was school.

At the end of the summer semester I finished my non-fiction class. With curiosity and hope sneaking through my brain, I sent my story idea to my teacher to see what he thought. He wrote back later saying that it looked like I had some good ideas. His only suggestion was to allow the characters to create the story and not give too much of the plot or inside information away too soon – if at all.

The winter semester and Christmas break gave me the time to really get to the story-telling. At first I was going to be spending my time writing fanfiction: long chapters, lots of description, heady moments full of intense feelings. Beh – I ended up diving in head first and striving for the bottom of the sea.

I tossed my website upon its ear; I spent one night organizing the contents and then the following day threw out the colours and the artistic look. I took upon the challenge of writing everyday for my story, then roped my Twitter account from the free-range pastures and bound it to my fiction. And to top everything off (since everything cost me nothing but time and pennies), I ordered in a netbook to help me organize my notes.

Adam tells me that he is surprised that I have become so devoted to my writing. Even if it is just over the course of the last week or so, I have done a lot. The greater thing about this? Is that I have so much more to do, all the time in the world, and the ideas keep coming.

If anything, I will say that this is the greatest gift I could have given myself this Christmas. The drive and the inspiration to write my story. Because I really like where this is all going.

Thank you Luis Royo, for creating such art that inspired me.

Thank you Ian Hanington, for giving us that assignment.

Thank you Keith, for pulling together the Writer’s Group Meeting.

Thank you Ariel Flynn, for inspiring me to write fanfiction.

Thank you Rick Maddocks, for giving me the professional opinion.

Thank you Adam, for being the support that I crave for my entries.

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An editing student, graduated Feb 2012. An avid fan of video games, fanfiction, anime, writing, and the serial comma.
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  1. A speech does not need to be eternal to be immortal.


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