Dead Men Talking Explained

Cuz I really think this one needs a break down.

It could possible make more sense with more lee-way with words, but then perhaps not. Out of context I hope it makes no sense. That’s the whole purpose behind a code after all. The code itself isn’t hard to break. Especially since we know what this is ramping up to. I may be talking to an unappreciative audience though, as I may be the only one to get it because I’m the author.

Feathers is Simon. A pun because he’s the winged biologist who’s stuck in a tube. Metal wings. There are no feathers.

Grumps is Nathan. And we all know about the proposal and Simon’s reaction. Looks like Simon is actually letting Nathan go through with his plans. This time.

Velk’s is a nickname for a place. Not the actual establishment name! Else what would the point of a code be?

Live threads is a combination of references. Live as in live ammo and threads as in a slang for clothing or gear.

Full cemetery – well, this is the suicide squad. Translates to full crew. Everyone in.

Jan 2 – Ah yes and “static” refers to stillness and also a white noise generator that is used to jam bugs. V for Vendetta flashed to mind while I was writing that in.


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An editing student, graduated Feb 2012. An avid fan of video games, fanfiction, anime, writing, and the serial comma.
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