Wark3 Explained: A little late – but posted!

At first I had no idea what to write. My brain froze up and balked at the idea of writing out the location of Velk’s or the meeting itself or any pre/post meeting talk.

Instead I ended up sketching out a scene I had in my head earlier. First draft had Simon honestly worried about Rico, and the youngster in turn actually being frustrated. Then I had a flashback of basically every sentimental moment that basically boiled down to the same thing: What’s wrong? Nothing. Tell me, you’re hiding something. Okay – this is what is troubling me. Really – I can do better. Simon would knock me out if I made him spout that drivel.

So – Rico developed some skin and Simon, while still being concerned (just with other more important things) still managed to check in with his little chick.

The post is not about mothering in the sense of what Rico thinks, but because we know what is about to happen, it’s still mothering all the same.

Which is where FFVII fanfiction came into play. I didn’t think of a title until the “of course” at the end changed to “yes mother”. Years ago, I read a series of fanfics circling around Seph, Cloud and Zak by a lovely author by the pen name: ChibiRisu-Chan. Anyone familiar with the FF series knows about chocobos. Enough said.

— And there went a few hours to fanfic reading —

What I haven’t figured out yet, is whether they drag Rico into the mess with them because the kid may get targeted by the head-hunters or if they want him out-of-the-way so he doesn’t get hurt or blamed for the incident. Decisions, decisions. Cuz if they do yank him along, when do they grab him? Before he leaves for the dad trip, while he’s there, or in transit? Tactical thinking makes my head hurt.


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