Hostiles in Friendly Waters

Proudly sprawling over a quarter square mile, the St. Luis Aquarium was immense. The owner, Timothy Bezer, had strolled into town a decade ago and had earned his place using a very charismatic giant octopus. Years later, the creature had passed on, but the tradition was kept.

The current cephalopod was named Octavius, and, like its predecessors, was alarmingly friendly. This one, however, had apparently made an exception.

Every time Nathan approached, the tentacled beast flared, writhing arms pressed up against the glass. Nathan figured it was a predator’s instinct. The animosity was mutual after all.

The captain scowled back.


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About azhwi

An editing student, graduated Feb 2012. An avid fan of video games, fanfiction, anime, writing, and the serial comma.
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