About those comments…

Normally I let the Spam bot do its thing. It’s programmed for a single purpose, so I figured it knows what it’s doing. The first time a comment was thrown into the Spam folder it made sense. In fact, I posted that comment, it was that bizarre.

Since then though, I have found two comments in the Spam folder that for all appearances, looked to be earnest. The only faults that could be found were that the websites that were claimed by the commentators were corporate websites and neither commentator had an actual Gravatar profile. The first comment stayed in Spam and as a result was deleted, but this second one, I will leave as real.

For all I know, it is a bot that is leaving these comments. On the happy chance that the comments are real, I will be taking the Spam comments at face value. If they say something nice, they stay up. If it’s a garbled block of text, then it gets deleted.

I apologize if the Spam bot did eat your comment. Sorry to the previous fellow whose comment ended in the trash!


About azhwi

An editing student, graduated Feb 2012. An avid fan of video games, fanfiction, anime, writing, and the serial comma.
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