Opening the doors

I may be thinking a little too optimistically, but I’ll blame Gregori for that.

Post-Trauma has reached its 15th drabble(Hurrah!). While it doesn’t seem like much, it does mean that I’ve been dipping into that world once a day for two weeks. Let me put this into perspective.

Normally I would dive into the world, furiously write notes for a few days, maybe even write a larger piece to post, but then I would surface, get out of the water, and not return to the pool for several days. Diving, to take the term from GITS, happened occasionally, but by no means was it a regular occurrence.

I was talking with Adam last night about the traffic on Slow-Poke, and how I was planning on opening it up to the general public again. At the moment it is open – but not in an active way.

WordPress has this nifty little tool called “related links” or at least that’s my name for it. It samples words from your blog and does a random search using those key words. Then it posts a few links to other blog posts at the bottom of your post. It’s main purpose is to induce traffic.

Initially I found these related links to be intrusive and jarring, in that they didn’t have anything to do with my posts at all. It goes a long way towards confidence to know that those links can be removed. Removing them meant that my links will not be sent out either. Which for now, is fine with me as I have hardly any material on my blog to present to the outside world. Not nearly enough to account for the “intrusion”. Ah, advertising. Such an evil thing you are.

The Plan is to re-instate the related links tool when I finally reach the post count of 50 for Post-Trauma. It isn’t all that far away, not if I keep up the daily posts, yet it is distant enough that I have time to write up a few extras to go along with the “grand opening”.

Extras will include a few character profiles, sketches, and if I’m really ambitious a decent chunk of writing. I have a month. *snorts* I think I can do that.

Good lord, “grand opening” – I feel like a restaurant.


About azhwi

An editing student, graduated Feb 2012. An avid fan of video games, fanfiction, anime, writing, and the serial comma.
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