The indignity of it all

I have been forced to acknowledge that my off-the-cuff writing is sometimes terrible.

One of my current teachers asked us how we treated our first drafts. Most of the other students said that they liked their drafts: something on paper, a starting point, something to work with, good enough to polish. Then I came along and said, “I trash it.”

Blissfully disregarding my own confession, I’ve been posting drabbles that were straight out from the gate. With the exception of maybe two or three entries, most have been raw drafts. I shudder at the pain you readers have been going through: the faulty punctuation, the dead jokes, the random references, the completely clueless plot…


I just recently rescued a comment from the Spam folder yesterday evening. The fellow said that my blog was an inspiration for those who prefer/hope to take their time publishing their writing (his prose was much nicer than that, but plagiarism is a no-no). If it was an actual bot, then it was very nice of said bot to leave a comment so encouraging. Thanks, Rob.

So, maybe my writing is at least worth posting. I certainly hope so. I’m not going to even consider these posts worthy enough to make it direct to print, because then I’d honestly panic. And go through them all looking for places to throw commas in. I believe I have the semi-colon and colon use worked out at least. I think/assume/hope/pray.

To respond to the collective “You have only just realized this now?!” in regards to my epiphany about my horrible draft writing… I had written a handful of drabbles a few days ago in a rush of creative zoning and then set them up to be posted on a schedule ahead of time. In the time that has bought me (because writing a hundred words is so very taxing), I’ve been expanding one of the drabbles. This particular drabble will be posting on the 11th.

I wrote the expansion on Friday night and felt somewhat neutral with the result. I picked it up again today and rehashed the living crap out of it. Not only has the writing improved drastically, but so has the flow of the events and character development. The piece also doubled in length and the drama dropped right out(I shall not write whiny, tearful, bleeding heart, tragic martyr stories(anymore)!). And the rating kicked up a notch. I actually wrote in a swear word!

Thus, my writing definitely improves from a night of sitting in the folder and being looked at again later. The proof was undeniable. I am apologizing now for what you have read before and what you will be reading forever later.

On that note, I’m going to look over the next few drabbles and probably cry.

*blinks* Anyone read Megatokyo comics? I’m beginning to feel a real kinship with Piro now. Respecting our audience. *grins*


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An editing student, graduated Feb 2012. An avid fan of video games, fanfiction, anime, writing, and the serial comma.
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