No Derailment Allowed

The retiree waved a careless hand in the air. “You don’t know about the earlier years.” Putting down his glass, he carefully took the bottle. “General used to be more…” Hendrick trailed off as he read the hand-scrawled stats. “Damn, trooper. Isn’t Conium maculatum hemlock?”

Shrugging, Gregori tipped back his shot. “Bah, the anti-freeze mix was better.”

“That poison?” The ex-scout laughed. “Haven’t had that in years.”

“The General?” Gregori verbally prodded.

“Now who’s impatient?” Hendrick smirked. “Baldur used to be a crusader. Still is.” He passed the bottle back. “But back then, he had a real annoying martyr complex.”


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About azhwi

An editing student, graduated Feb 2012. An avid fan of video games, fanfiction, anime, writing, and the serial comma.
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