Close to the chest

I’m only now realizing how many details I have kept to myself. Maybe ‘details’ shouldn’t be the word. Giant plot points would probably be more accurate.

I haven’t said why Simon is in a tube. And while I’m sure curious readers have deduced that Simon is the biologist with the metal wings, I haven’t really mentioned that at all in the writing. Perhaps I should have. At the same time, all the characters so far are used to them.

It’s apparent that the soldiers that we have met are sympathetic to Simon. They want him out and away from the labs. However, I haven’t said who has put him there. Which cycles back to the question of why he’s in there and why he has no problem with being in there.

Have I mentioned that there was a war? When I talked about Simon and Lizzie, yes I did. That was a long while ago though. Whether or not it is still raging on, I have not decided. What that war was about, I still have not decided. I know it took place on European soil – and for once it had nothing to do with Germany.

I know why Simon did what he did (nope not saying what or why!). I know that between the time Simon left the army to the time he found himself in a tube, spans years. That is the setting for MMW.

The drabbles are only now getting into the serious plot points of the MMW story, and I can’t help but be excited about it. In a way, I am shaping the story and the plot for MMW while writing Post-Trauma. That’s why I’m writing this way. Dropping tidbits of history and story in PT, so that later in MMW I can just string all the information together and use them as notes.

I’ve heard of authors scribbling out little notes for each chapter to give them an idea of what to write about. With the way I’m working, it will be a whole year of notes, stories, observations and devotion, before I even start MMW. I think that’s decent groundwork.

There is still so much to figure out. What exactly makes a titan, a scout, a reaper? What are the enhancements? What is the time-line? One of my biggest questions is: why aren’t the [blanked out] angry at Simon? Not one of them show the slightest bit of bitterness towards him. And that, I cannot explain. I may have to do some rather fantastic story-telling to get out of that one.


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