Joining the Daily Post

As added insurance that I post my daily drabbles, I’ve joined WordPress’s PostADay Challenge.

I’ve forgotten that even if I do not have the time to type out a proper drabble for my story, I should still keep up the habit of writing each day. I’ve told a friend before, that writing for and about my story has a calming effect on me. It helps to remind me that I can take a moment each day to be creative and that not all my writing has to be for work or for school or for anything else that is obligatory.

I choose to write here daily because I still need to exercise my imagination and write. So, if I cannot come up with a drabble for the day, I will be creative. These random daily posts will likely range from writing style, audience observations, story history, updates, expansions, explanations, and so on. You know, those little tidbits that I used to indulge in more often. I’ve noticed that the explanation posts have dropped right off.

Most likely I will not be using the topics that the Challenge provides, but I will be taking its message to heart; I will post each day.

I’m threading the fine line of turning my daily ritual into an obligation by signing into this challenge, but I believe that by letting the drabble posts fall naturally (for each day dammit) then it will still be a pleasure to write them. On the off days that I miss a day: I will post a tidbit.

My assurances that all my posts will still have a connection to my writing and the site that it is housed in, I will just endeavor to keep my efforts evident each day. After all, if I don’t pay attention to my website, why should any other?

WordPress’ PostADay/PostAWeek Challenge


About azhwi

An editing student, graduated Feb 2012. An avid fan of video games, fanfiction, anime, writing, and the serial comma.
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