Bloody Woman Ch 5: A ‘Normal’ Vacation

“Okay. Now I’m bored.”

Christoph raised his head from the various jars on the kitchen table to give his partner an amused but tolerant smile.


Resting his chin in an upraised palm, the blond lifted a brow.

“Ugh, no. Maybe…?” Brief motions of hands through air.

The chemist smirked.

“Right never mind. Where did you find shorts that bright?”

Very calmly, the pale man lifted a pipette and added four amber drops to a clear mixture and watched the brew swirl into viscous indigo.

Blue eyes narrowed. “I remember that colour.”

Christoph lowered the tool and picked up a pair of tongs, and fished around in a jar for a small crumb of metal.

“Goldie… What are you doing?”

Finding such a piece, the blond carefully maneuvered the bit of material over the mouth of the jar where the liquids were still stirring and changing.

“Okay, I apologize.” A mad scramble, the fridge opening, a beer opened and placed oh so cautiously at his elbow. “It was rude to tell you to shut up at that time. Beer is definitely for finer tastes. Arana definitely needs to try this again.”

One corner of the blond’s mouth quirked up and he lifted the metal shard away from the brew.

It didn’t matter if Svorak got bored. He always found ways to amuse himself.


Arana stared at the wall of the bleak diner, but she wasn’t really seeing it. She was just very bored. Bored… yes, bored…

Her mind strayed back toward the two boys she’d met the other day. Briefly, she wondered if they were still in that hotel. She smirked and got up.


“Are you going to talk to me now?”

The blond tilted his head.

“You already got two apologies.”

He rolled his eyes.

“Okay, one verbal apology and one blow job. Still!”

Fine golden brows quirked.

“Dinner and top?”

“Thought you’d never ask.”

Svorak snorted.


Her eyes narrowed in concentration, then widened. “Ah-ha!” She snatched up the bottle, smiling brightly. “I knew it! Imported. Heh. These youngsters.”

An old man gave her an odd look, but she ignored it, paid for the whiskey, and left the shop.


“Would you two like to see the dessert menu?”

“We’d love to,” the chemist said in saccharine tones. Honey-brown and ice-blue eyes watched as the corners of the waiter’s eyes flinched. They watched as the man pressed his lips together, placed the menu down on the table and marched away.

Svorak snorted. “I guess one of the managers got to him.”

His date rolled his eyes. “Probably.” After all, the man’s manner had been blatantly offensive.

“Well, what do you feel like?” the other man asked, picking up the small menu. “There’s mousse, pie, more fluffy stuff, cake, ice cream, chocolate fondue, and brownies.”

Christoph let his eyes half close, and gave the chocolate man across from him a smoldering look. “The fondue. To go.”

Svorak blinked. Then blinked again. “Oh shit, I’m bottom tonight.”

There was a crash of a plate to the side as their waiter abruptly turned and strode away from the table beside them.

“Yes, yes you are.”


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Author’s note: Yes it’s short, but that’s because the next scene is HUGE.


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