Bloody Woman Ch 10: Hello, Kitty

The hotel room felt achingly empty with only him there. Svorak frowned and shook his head. It had been such a long time since he’d been by himself in a hotel. Though, from the way clothing was scattered around in the bedroom, it was obvious he had roommates.

Rubbing a towel across the back of his neck, the dark-skinned man smirked slightly. One good thing about knowing where his partner was, was that he could take a shower and feel free to wander to the bedroom nude. Though, he only had a few minutes left of that certain freedom.

Padding over to the bedroom, he tossed the damp towel on a chair and perused the mess that was the drawers. He had just slipped on a pair of sweatpants when he heard a slight scraping at the door. He paused, and frowned when the door didn’t open.

Hmm... Stalking through the hall and to the kitchen, he tapped a small LCD and pushed a button. The mini-cam blinked on and relayed the image of the hallway and their door.

Svorak blinked. There was a box. And it was open. And… writhing.

He tapped the display again, and the GPS showed Christoph at the elevators. So, it wasn’t them.

Shrugging, he half-jogged to the door and flipped the locks. He was still staring down into the box with a perplexed expression as his blond partner and their female addition rounded the corner.

“Eh? What is tha–” The brunette cut off five feet away, staring at the box with an increasingly furious expression. “That’s it. He’s dead,” she snarled. “And I’ll use them for sacrifice!” This yelled for the benefit of the no-doubt watching culprit.

There was no reply, though. Maybe he was already gone.

Both men had taken a step back from the enraged female. Svorak even had his hands up.

Christoph sighed, and walked around her to look at the box of kittens. “Time to move, I think.”

“Eh, it was past time already,” his partner agreed and walked back into the living room.

Tilting his head, the pale man frowned. “What are we going to do with these?” he asked no one in particular.

“Kagogi,” was the snarled response. “I want cat meat.”

Blink. Blink. Christoph dared to glance over at her. “Erm… I actually can’t tell whether you’re serious or not. We’ve tried cat before. It’s not as good as say, chicken.”

“And kittens have no meat!” Svorak called from where he was gathering papers off the coffee table.

She snarled and reached in, picking one of the kittens out and glaring into its eyes. It batted her nose with a paw, eyes wide. She huffed, calming down. “Animal shelter then. Somewhere that isn’t Mexico, preferably,” she grumbled.

Hefting the box into his arms, the blond ignored the mass scramble for the ends of his hair. “Smuggling felines across the border will be the least of our problems, I suppose,” he said cheerfully, walking into the suite.

“Wait—We’re taking the fluffballs with us?”

She turned a glare on him. “I am. You’re quite welcome to go on without me,” she retorted, a bit prickly due to her awful day.

“Whoa.” The dark man blanched holding up a pillow. “Okay, yes. We are. No sweat.”

The blond shook his head and strode into the kitchen, shutting the sliding door and depositing the kittens on the floor by the stove. Shaking his head, he lifted them one at a time out and onto the linoleum. Hmm, water, food, latrines.

“Arana?” he called. “Could you bring the last kitten over here?” Four kittens in all. Oh this will be interesting.

She stepped into the kitchen, nudging the door shut behind her, and put the black and white ball of fur on the floor. “What do you need for them? And how soon are we leaving?”

Amidst the rolling backs of the various furred beasts, Christoph smiled and gestured at the sink. “If you could grab a bowl, we can start with water. And as to leaving, Svorak and I can be ready to leave in a few hours, one if we need to hustle. He’s been making arrangement for departure for a week now.”

She nodded. “Can we be gone by dark, then?” she murmured. May as well spend the sleepless hours traveling after all.

A deeper voice than the blond’s answered from behind her. “We’ll be gone in an hour,” Svorak said wryly. “I don’t like other people knowing where we sleep.” He caught his partner’s attention. “I’ll grab the necessities for the cats, you pack the bags?”

Christoph nodded, carefully stepping around the felines to the empty cases under the kitchen window.

“Good, I’ll be back in twenty.”

She sighed and knelt beside a kitten that had ventured near. “You’re troublesome, little one,” she murmured, and smiled faintly. That stupid, reckless boy.


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Author’s note: Yes, it’s short. Apologies. However, I have my reasons…


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