Bloody Woman Ch 20: Workplace Complications

For a greasy disgusting pig-eyed blob of an employer, the man had a very cute son. Ngai Mun dragged her eyes away from her charge yet again and thought guiltily of Simon back at base. Wolf just didn’t have the hair or the eyes or the cheekbones…

Her partner definitely had more muscle though, she gloated. But ooh… the way this man talked. Silk and chocolate and rich cream. Simon was a rough sweetie, much like a younger version of Tiger, but he wasn’t suave.

Not that she wanted to switch. God no. But just having the Triad boss’ son around made her want to taste. Bloody hell, Chang was sexy.

And she had to tear her gaze away from his ass again, and fight down a blush as his amused brown eyes met hers.

Goddamnit. Caught. Again.

By the door, Amaya was resisting the urge to roll her eyes. Kids. At least Lucy wasn’t- She sighed. Lucy wasn’t eying the boy, no. She was eying the piano, with a longing look on her face.

The bottled redhead reached over and pinched her blonde partner, who jerked away and blinked at her. Then she realized what she’d been doing, shook her head and went back to boredly eying her surroundings… for about three minutes. Then her attention was right back on the piano.

Amaya couldn’t wait ‘till the stupid day was over with.

The movement of the one male in the room had all three females instantly alert, and he knew it. The smirk that stretched over his lips bloomed as the older girls went back to focusing on the surroundings while the younger stubbornly glared at the door.

The male padded over to the girl with red eyes, dark gaze taking in her slight form under the somber charcoal of her uniform. There was something about a woman in a suit meant for men, but made for female’s curves that was simply delicious.

When he was less than four feet away, he watched her frown slightly and snap her gaze up to his, her cheeks just tinting an alluring pink.

“Am I boring you?” he asked, lifting a brow and halting after a few steps. He was just out of her arm’s reach.

The tiny woman blinked at him and shook her head.

Tilting his head to the side, Chang smiled warmly and leaned forward. The quiet ones were so much fun.

Amaya, meanwhile, rolled her eyes hard. Lucy covered her mouth with a hand (she probably thought the blatant sexual harassment was hilarious). Suddenly, the blonde strode across the room, fingering the pistol in her hand, and peered out the window. “Get a little further from the window, please,” Amaya said for her, to the boy.

“Mm,” Lucy hummed, and repositioned herself between the window and the charge.

Chang nodded at the female who had spoken, easily obeying her request. They were professionals after all. Before he moved, he lifted a hand and caught hold of a hip holster.

“Come, you can guard me closer,” he grinned, tugging the shocked girl along as he returned to his seat the desk. Her slight weight hardly pulling on his arm.

Ruby, meanwhile, barely kept the mortifying squeak behind her teeth as she was manhandled to a different location. His hand! Hip! Help!

Pulled across the room, the girl stumbled to a halt at the side of the carved wooden desk. Chang smiled as he took his seat and patted the edge of the desk.

You have got to be kidding.

Amaya’s eyes narrowed, but surprisingly it was Lucy that diverted his attention. “Oh! It’s a grand! Mr. Chang, might I play it?” she asked sweetly.

Amaya lifted her brows at Ruby and flicked her eyes, telegraphing that the girl should take the escape.

Quick as a flick, the small woman bowed and retreated back to her former position, tugging sleeves and suit back into proper alignment. The single male was left gaping at her exit as the blonde continued to talk.

“I simply haven’t had any chance to play any sort of grand since I was five!” Lucy said, sweeping over to the piano and running her hands along the keys lovingly. “You never know how lovely each different piano will sound. I simply must! It’ll while away the time, too! Whaddya say, let me play it?” She beamed at him, sweet doll-like features pulled into a hopeful expression.

Leaning on one elbow, chin in hand, Chang laughed. Waving at the chattering woman, he nodded, bemused. “Yes, yes. I have no doubt you can play an instrument as well as you can play a situation.” He turned to look at Ruby who was edging around the side of pillar. “I will get you to talk,” he told her, smiling wide.

The blonde tilted her head. “Thank you!” she chirped, though as to which comment, it was hard to tell. She sat on the stool, pushed up her sleeves and began to play a sweet melody.

Amaya let the ghost of a smile cross her lips before banishing it. She did love to hear Lucy playing any sort of instrument.

On the far side of a pillar, Ruby was giving herself a lecture. I’m hired to be a guard, not a date! Even though… she peered around her cover and noted the way Chang’s lips curled faintly as he went back to his paperwork. Even his hands were sexy.

She shook her head at herself. Anyway, he wouldn’t respect anyone who couldn’t do her job. Blinking, Ruby stared out the window. Wait, was she looking to impress him now? This job just kept getting better, she groaned.

The soft sound of the piano-version of Moonlight Sonata filled the room, pure magic at Lucy’s fingertips, and if they weren’t on a job, Amaya would stomp over there, join her, then fuck her senseless. Damn. The blonde was even humming softly along to the music.

And then there was movement outside the window. “Dollie!”

The sound of the piano cut off with the sound of gunfire, even as the blonde rolled off. She barely avoided being shot in the neck. “Cutie pie, cover the Principal,” she ordered, voice sugary, and rolled behind the piano as Amaya jerked open the door to use as cover.

Dashing in a half crouch around the pillar, the woman muttered a long string of curses until she knelt next to Chang. She gave him a glare as he looked at her, but he only smiled and pulled out twin pistols from the holsters he had at his back.

“Now will you talk to me?” he asked eyes sparkling.

She narrowed her own. “Stay down,” she snapped, and turned her focus outwards ignoring the amused chuckle.

The blonde darted, crouched, along the floor, and dropped to the side of the window, peeking out it. “Huh. Amateurs.”

The windows on the other side shattered in a slide of shards and Ruby spun around just in time to see a small black death sail through.

“Grenade!” She grabbed Chang and hit the floor behind the desk, praying that the thing was solid.

Lucy yelped and threw her weight back, even as the world exploded. Amaya yelled, even as she dove to safety, and when the explosion cleared, she was on her feet again, cursing as she took off to eliminate the opposition.

And Dollie had been thrown back, behind the piano, and blinked dazedly. There were spots in her vision. Black spots. She pushed herself up, watching as Amaya left, and then looked down at herself. There was a warmth on her. A red warmth. She pressed her hand to her side, and it came away red. “Oh, bummer.”

She missed Amaya’s return.


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