Quality vs Quantity

What do you do, when someone you really care about, reads something you’ve written, and ends up with a puzzled frown?

Yeah, boyfriend was reading BW (Bloody Woman) and, in the end, he just couldn’t understand one thing. Why did my writing get so lazy?

*hides head in shame* Cuz that’s exactly what BW is. It’s me and Ariel, taking turns writing, without a care about grammar or planning or anything really. It’s just a fun story that only sometimes gets some kind of plot going because we thought it would be interesting. By far, it’s not a piece of work either of us would say is our pride and joy. Heck, Ariel has a book that’s about to get published and a fanfic that’s nearly 78k (and that’s only the posted 23 of 30 chapters).

It took me a while to see what Ariel always thought about BW. It was fun. It’s role-play. It’s practice. But it’s not serious. As it is, I wouldn’t want it to go to print at all. Plot and characters, yes. The actual phrasing? Oh, heck no.

The two of us have taken a break from writing Phantom Pain (sequel to BW). It’s been a week now. Reasons vary from encroaching carpal tunnel–*glares at wrist*–to other work taking priority. Ariel’s been busy, either on her book and prodding at me to start writing my own… while Adam has been pointing, with puppy eyes, at both the MMW and Azhrei-verse. I had briefly considered delving into an Egyptian story–and I have such ideas for that!–but I think it’s about time that I buckled down at wrote MMW.

Seriously, way past time.

However, true to my ever-procrastinating soul, I’m waiting, plotting, and reading. I’ve got an ergo keyboard in the mail (should be arriving literally any day now) and nothing but time until this time next month (yeah being unemployed is plenty fun…), which is when I’m hitting streets looking for actual work. So, I suppose I’m setting up my own NoWriMo (Novel Writing Month). I don’t plan on getting a book done in a month, but I do want a start at least.

Here’s to another go at another writing project.


About azhwi

An editing student, graduated Feb 2012. An avid fan of video games, fanfiction, anime, writing, and the serial comma.
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