Bloody Woman Ch 25: Fashion Critique

Drai found the others later, in the kitchen. “So. I showed her.”

Judging from the amused looks on the others’ faces, Kitty had left evidence of her approval. Svorak smirked and tapped a finger against his neck. In a few places.

Christoph in the meanwhile blew out a breath and grinned. “Good,” was all he said.

“As if it was a question,” Medic drawled from his spot at the table, nursing a beer.

Leaning against the counter, in the corner by the sink, Ruby tilted her head. “Showed her what?” she asked. Beside her, Wolf suddenly grinned wide.

“Oh… The tickets,” Drai said, eying her. He wasn’t about to warn the girl who Arana would be showing up shortly to kidnap her.

“Tickets?” she echoed, then noted the various expressions of suppressed smugness and the way her partner was carefully not looking at her. “Simon?”

The young American froze. Ngai Mun could do a lot of impressions with that voice… that one was like a sword being dragged from its sheathe. He turned to look at her, hands already coming up in placation. “It’s the mentors’ idea. A night out all dressed up,” he watched her eyes. “Opera thing.”

“Aah.” Red eyes blinked in thought, something almost soft flitting across her features. “I don’t have… “ she began, paused, and then her expression hardened. “I’ll need to get a dress.”

“Perfect!” Arana chirped from the door, and marched over. “So do I. You should come shopping with me!” She grinned, then paused. “No boys allowed, of course… And if they stalk us, they won’t be boys.”

“Ywoech,” said the one-eyed merc as his partner gave him an amused look. “Hey, I wasn’t going to,” he protested. He didn’t deserve that look!

Medic just took another swig.

“You’re taking me… shopping?” Ruby was frowning. The idea did make sense. She had no clue where to get a dress from. There were stores, sure. But so many of them. Chang sauntered into her thoughts and she ran the image through with a rebar. Arana it was then. “Sure.”

Arana smiled brilliantly. “Delightful~” she sang happily, and promptly dragged Ruby off.

Drai blinked after her. “I think the Opera was a good idea. I didn’t know she could do musical living,” he said blankly.

“Musical living?” the tall blond asked as he unfolded himself from the kitchen chair, the fridge being his goal.

Meanwhile, Svorak was sitting with a bemused look on his face. “Is there a TV commercial or something with that ‘Delightful’? That’s the second time I’ve heard that. I think.”

Drai gave him a weird look. “Eh? I think it’s an English thing. Arana’s said it a few times that I know of. Why? Where’d you hear it the first time?”

“Not from Lady,” Wolf spoke up from the back, “but sometime in the past two weeks?”

Christoph’s head emerged from the fridge, the inner light highlighting his hair and face. “Light voice, ridiculous name?”

Bursting out into laughter, Svorak nodded. “And a complete disregard for practical clothing,” he agreed.

Simon looked down at his worn grey jeans, brown socks, black hoodie, and shrugged. “Maybe she’s comfortable in that get up?”

Drai blinked and gave them all a weird look. “Okay… I’m missing something here. What are you guys talking about?” he asked, bewildered.

Swinging close the insulated door, the blond settled back into his chair, handing Medic a new bottle as he opened one for himself. “A sweet blonde sniper we had for the Triad hit,” he explained. “She… was singular.”

“And busty, and was showing it off,” the dark partner added. “To who, I have no idea.”

“It was wasted,” the American said with a wry twist of the lips, “on us anyway.”

The one blond in the room sighed. “The show might not have been meant as a show for us,” he pointed out.

“Still,” Svorak shook his head. “A sniper dressed all in black, but with that huge neckline and bright blonde hair. At night. Bit flashy.”

“She did her job,” Wolf countered, thinking of Ruby in a similar outfit and nearly swayed on the spot. “And being the sniper, who would see her or her clothing anyway?”

His blue-eyed mentor twisted around in the chair to give the young man a knowing look. “You’re thinking of our own sniper lying down in some hotel room nude aren’t you?”

The flush that crawled up Simon’s neck had Svorak laughing.

“Bah, she needs to eat more,” Medic commented.

Christoph reached over and lightly punched him in the shoulder. “It’s her genes, man. Let it go.”

Drai rolled his eyes and went to the fridge for a beer. “Eh, sweet blonde? How does anyone end up sweet in this field?” he asked, shaking his head.

“We could ask Shinigami,” Svorak deadpanned. “He seems to be high on pixie sticks most of the time.”

“Yeah, but he’s a jackass. He isn’t ‘sweet’,” the Arab pointed out, nudging the fridge shut with his hip. “And he’s… well, Shinigami. He’s kinda socially stupid.”

His observation was met with various sounds of amusement, but no one rose to defend the absent assassin. The threat of a dye job still hung over half the group after all.


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