Workplace Issues


Scratching behind one metallic ear, Chris took a moment to look at Robert. “Actually, I should be asking you that question,” he began, leaning to the side as Luppi pushed in for attention. “Are you alright? You’ve been out here for a while, and I didn’t hear any yelling.”

Robert blinked and dropped his gaze. Shifted his weight. “Sorry.”

“Hey, I’m not asking for an apology.” Chris frowned and shoved Seki’s nose away from his neck. “I just want to know what’s keeping you.”

“I—I’m gonna be sent back, aren’t I?”

Three dragons and one human paused at Robert’s outburst, then Luppi let out a low croon and lumbered over to tuck his head under the hired help’s chin. The miserable man wound a careful arm around the emerald’s back.

Chris sighed. “If you’re just gonna be hanging around and not doing your job, then yeah, you will be.” He waved at the river bank, at the splotches of water on rocks and broken tree branches. “This is the dragons’ time to play, not ours.”

Prompt: Hanging around


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