Reward System

Impossible as it seemed, Robert’s shoulders fell even further. The man wasn’t short, but with the way he was slouching, he barely cleared Chris’ blond mop. “I’d really like to stay,” he mumbled. “I mean… these dragons are amazing.”

One of said dragons was doing a good impression of the stray cats Chris had seen in town. Winding around and pressing up against the distraught man. Of course, had any of these smaller dragons seen a cat, the poor thing would be the next appetizer.

“Yeah, they are,” Chris agreed, slapping his hands down on two separate scaly shoulders. The two dragons snorted and straightened up. “But you aren’t.” Chris jerked his chin in the direction of the main group where he could still hear the bigger lizards grumbling. “Look, you’re already used to them and even better, they are used to you.” That much was dead obvious. “You just need to do your job; to impress the boss, that’s all you gotta do.”

Shoving the two dragons down the river bank, towards home, Chris added, “You’ll be surprised how easy it is to find yourself having steak with Mrs. Sampson after that first year.”

Prompt: Steak


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