Injuries on the job

Thankfully, by the time the two rangers made it back to the group, Robert’s mood had rallied. The hired help still had his doubts, but at least he wasn’t moping anymore. Which was good, because from the looks of the rest of the crew, they didn’t need any more negative emotions.

It’s a good thing the only people here are those who knew what they were signing up for. Meaning, they had stayed hydrated, sheltered from the sun in shifts, and had brought their own food. The happiest of the bunch are those who got splashed.

The dragons loved the heat, the sun, and the chance to bask in both more than the water. Since this trip was specifically to boost morale in the reptilian population, the lizards received both in abundance.  And the poor humans that were watching the group?

We bake. Chris glanced over at Robert, taking note of the slightly pink patches on the man’s exposed shoulders and face. And with some unlucky guys, we burn… “Get some ointment on those hot spots,” he advised, as the three young dragons surged ahead to rejoin their elders.

Robert checked his right shoulder and grimaced. “I had a feeling this would happen,” he muttered, reaching into a pocket.

Smirking, Chris tapped one of the thin flexible pauldrons he wore. “Next time don’t forget your leathers.”

“Thought I stayed under the trees enough,” Robert answered with a sigh, smearing the clear salve over his reddening skin.

“Not a chance,” Chris said. “Not with your white skin.” And the man was very pale. “Your nose is gonna be peeling in a few days.”

“Ah, damn.”

Yep, Robert’s spirits were definitely on the upswing.

Prompt: Bake


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No post next weekend.
Not only did I forget to post this on time,
I also have a short story to give to Ariel at the end of this week.


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