Military Rankings: Who gets what?

I’m seriously considering just throwing my hands up and making up my own rankings. I mean, it’s not like I have any knowledge of the US military outside of TV shows (SG1), so writing a story using these ranks… when most of my army are considered inhuman… makes the research seem a little silly.

But… Gah. I can’t help it. And what makes my head hurt even more is that I’m Canadian. At least, I’m not getting Canadian knowledge mixed up with American. Yay?

In any case, I’m finding myself very jealous of the ranks used in Final Fantasy VII: First Class, Second Class, mook (AKA foot soldier). Really simple. There are a few exceptions, Sephiroth and his like for example, but that’s it. Really simple. Why can’t I do that? Because… I use a few ranks and I want them to actually feel right.

I really ought to go out and buy a kiddie book on the US military. Bright colours, simple sentences, no word combination bigger than ‘Command Sergeant Major’. Gotta start somewhere right?

Wikipedia is making my head swim.

Also! For those who are curious about military slangs… I got that link from a fellow writer years ago. Kinda gives you an idea of how long MMW has been haunting my head.


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