A little dragon story that has apparently grown on a few people.

At first, it was going to be a short two page story. Begun and ended near a sea-side cliff. Then after some demanding prods, the telling grew to nine pages. Now it seems to have expanded from the initial ‘drop’, thanks to a wistful wish from my classmate Arienne.

The first story is about a dragon named Kenton, his rider Morgan, and their friend Fernando the bard. It begins with Fernando meeting his ride back home and the news that they bring with them. The story further unfolds to show how their world is on the edge of falling into war and the events that follow after a militaristic country closes its borders.

The second is about another dragon, Svorak, and a young man named Madrik. That universe seems to have been dropped, because I was distracted.

Third story, currently being dabbled in, is situated in a world where dragons are used as both beasts of burden and entertainment. I’ve got some ideas for how to start, it’s how to continue that’s eluding me.

‘Azhrei’ is the title for ‘son of a dragon’ taken from the books of Melanie Rawn, Dragon Prince. I’ve read the books, loved them and, since then, have taken on the name ‘Azhwi’ (the feminine version) to use as a pseudonym across the web.

The Chientang Rivermonster by Bob Eggleton

These chapters are still in draft form. As even as the years have gone by, I’m still picking up these pages and turning them about realizing that there is so much room for improvement.

Writing in Order

Fernando’s Ride Fernando, Morgan, Kenton
Morgan’s News Fernando, Morgan, Kenton

First Meetings Madrik and Svorak
Madrik and Alex
Less serious dealings…
College? Me and Svorak

Dragon Ranch
Interview with Stark and Sesti Part I & II
‘Look’ Meme – Chris excerpt
Summer Drabbles: I | II | III | IV | V | VI | VII