Bloody Woman

This story is co-written with my dear friend Ariel.

As Ariel will point out, this isn’t a story, this is role-play. We each take a few characters, throw them into the blender called “fictional life” and see what happens.

Bloody Woman began with Ariel’s female character and two of my male characters; a cast of characters from our other stories brought together in a single document. At infancy of a few days, the story had grown and the cast had bloomed out to encompass just over a dozen characters. To my chagrin, most of the characters were mine. To Ariel’s chagrin, I named the story after her main character. We both agree, the embarrassment evened things out.

There is very little editing that has gone into this story. It’s mostly straight interaction: the characters with each other or in the situation they are in. Not much in the way of scenery description.

I just have to say, both of us are very proud of (and attached to) our characters and their stories. Even just this starting bit has been an incredible journey (BTW, we are now finished with Bloody Woman. I just need to post it)(Sequel is currently underway)(God, I’m tired).

Table of Contents

1: Passing By
2: That Yours?
3: Formal Introductions
4: Preferred Poison
5: A ‘Normal’ Vacation
6: Say Goodbye, Boys
7: Searching for Ghosts
8: Enter the Mother Hens
9: Define ‘Friend’
10: Hello, Kitty
11: Don’t Poke the Wet Cat
12: Saline Drips and Piano Keys
13: The Hounds Unite
14: Friendly Hunters
15: Death, Blood, and Ammonia
16: Consider the Options
17: Reminders of Mortality
18: Finding Lucy 1/2
19: Finding Lucy 2/2
20: Workplace Complications
21: Native Tongues
22: Wasabi Stars
23: Work, Work, Work
24: Ink, Dresses, and Plots
25: Fashion Critique
26: Girl’s Day Out
27: Talking Shop
28: Grand Entrances
29: Personal Issues
30: Seats, Please
31: Family Dinner 1/2
32: Family Dinner 2/2
33: Confessions
34: Epilogue

Ariel wrote drabbles!
(Short stories)

And we’re up on Ao3!
(including drabbles not posted here)

Warning: Vague spoilers!

Art by Thitipon Dicruen, 2005


Phantom Pain – Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4,


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