Name Generator

Not that it takes much to find a name generator through Google, but thought I would throw on into the mix here.

I went here for fantasy town names, but there’s other selections too: baby names, game character names, boats/ships, etc. Have fun!

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Writing Tools from Tumblr

Funny how something so distracting is still a fantastic source of information, even though I had to scroll for an hour down my dash for this. Cut & paste directly from post:


Ok here is a compilation of all the software and useful tools I’ve come across whilst writing. Some of them I’ve reviewed on here already, more coming soon.

Got an idea? Well get planning! Here’s some useful outlining, brainstorming and mind- mapping software:

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Back to Writing

Over the weekend, Tumblr ambushed me with a post that said, “If you’re a writer, stop everything! And add one sentence to your current ongoing story. Then continue on with your life. If this goes viral, you’ll have that novel finished by Tuesday.”

I got caught once – added a sentence. Then I did the dumb thing and linked my friend Ariel that same post. She then reblogged it on Tumblr. Which meant I saw it again, and so added another sentence. And then two more just to be safe. (Heh).

What that did to my brain though, was kick it. Because, I should be writing on a regular basis, not waiting for outside influences to knock me down and force me into it. Continue reading

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Posting Bloody Woman!

I’ve found a place to post Bloody Woman!

Recently, I’ve lost faith with (and its sister site, and I’ve been hunting for a spot to post an original story chapter by chapter. I’m surprised by the number of sites that require you to post the entire book up. I shouldn’t be, but I am.

In any case, I’ve decided on the fascinating While it has the standard linear-story format, it also has a very interesting ‘addventure‘ format, and it’s so intriguing. Authors will post up a page to start… and given the open-ended invitation of the format… anyone registered with the site may add to it. And if that isn’t the neatest, kindest, most creative thing out there for writing, I don’t know what else it would be.

Granted, there is a possibility of seeing your plunny die a sordid death or turn into a purple scaled pegasus, but I believe there is the capability of determining who is able to contribute, so it doesn’t necessarily need to be at everyone else’s mercy. Mostly. You trust other people with your babies do you not? 😉

Well, I certainly do not. Not yet. I’m posting up BW in all her glory, with just the minor tweak of merging several chapters and dropping the titles. I’m horrible with naming chapters; waste of time for me.

Besides being able to add chapter by chapter, I really like the idea of being able to branch a story out with multiple story-lines. That…. is just so tempting to indulge in. May just do that!

Anyway, just letting you all know that BW is slowly being plugged onto Protagonize bit by bit, and that Phantom Pain will be coming up as well (though it’s incomplete!).


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Phantom Pain: Chapter 1

Fingers pressed into flesh, mouths sealed to tender, reddening skin.  “Oh, oh, Hiroshi-kun…  Iiya… Iiya… onegaaiii…”  The woman gasped as the coil inside tightened, pleasure written all over her young face.  “Hiro… shi… Oh!”

And the door slammed opened, knocking against the wall.  Erik, who had hoped to catch his roommate masturbating to hentai (Japanese animated porn) and use it as blackmail… frowned.  Kai was snoring amongst the pillows on the bed, a large duvet mostly shoved off to the side, near the wall.  Luckily, it covered what was important, since Kai had apparently gone to bed naked. Continue reading

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Military Rankings: Who gets what?

I’m seriously considering just throwing my hands up and making up my own rankings. I mean, it’s not like I have any knowledge of the US military outside of TV shows (SG1), so writing a story using these ranks… when most of my army are considered inhuman… makes the research seem a little silly.

But… Gah. I can’t help it. And what makes my head hurt even more is that I’m Canadian. At least, I’m not getting Canadian knowledge mixed up with American. Yay?

In any case, I’m finding myself very jealous of the ranks used in Final Fantasy VII: First Class, Second Class, mook (AKA foot soldier). Really simple. There are a few exceptions, Sephiroth and his like for example, but that’s it. Really simple. Why can’t I do that? Because… I use a few ranks and I want them to actually feel right.

I really ought to go out and buy a kiddie book on the US military. Bright colours, simple sentences, no word combination bigger than ‘Command Sergeant Major’. Gotta start somewhere right?

Wikipedia is making my head swim.

Also! For those who are curious about military slangs… I got that link from a fellow writer years ago. Kinda gives you an idea of how long MMW has been haunting my head.

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Injuries on the job

Thankfully, by the time the two rangers made it back to the group, Robert’s mood had rallied. The hired help still had his doubts, but at least he wasn’t moping anymore. Which was good, because from the looks of the rest of the crew, they didn’t need any more negative emotions.

It’s a good thing the only people here are those who knew what they were signing up for. Meaning, they had stayed hydrated, sheltered from the sun in shifts, and had brought their own food. The happiest of the bunch are those who got splashed.

The dragons loved the heat, the sun, and the chance to bask in both more than the water. Since this trip was specifically to boost morale in the reptilian population, the lizards received both in abundance.  And the poor humans that were watching the group?

We bake. Chris glanced over at Robert, taking note of the slightly pink patches on the man’s exposed shoulders and face. And with some unlucky guys, we burn… “Get some ointment on those hot spots,” he advised, as the three young dragons surged ahead to rejoin their elders.

Robert checked his right shoulder and grimaced. “I had a feeling this would happen,” he muttered, reaching into a pocket.

Smirking, Chris tapped one of the thin flexible pauldrons he wore. “Next time don’t forget your leathers.”

“Thought I stayed under the trees enough,” Robert answered with a sigh, smearing the clear salve over his reddening skin.

“Not a chance,” Chris said. “Not with your white skin.” And the man was very pale. “Your nose is gonna be peeling in a few days.”

“Ah, damn.”

Yep, Robert’s spirits were definitely on the upswing.

Prompt: Bake


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No post next weekend.
Not only did I forget to post this on time,
I also have a short story to give to Ariel at the end of this week.

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Reward System

Impossible as it seemed, Robert’s shoulders fell even further. The man wasn’t short, but with the way he was slouching, he barely cleared Chris’ blond mop. “I’d really like to stay,” he mumbled. “I mean… these dragons are amazing.”

One of said dragons was doing a good impression of the stray cats Chris had seen in town. Winding around and pressing up against the distraught man. Of course, had any of these smaller dragons seen a cat, the poor thing would be the next appetizer.

“Yeah, they are,” Chris agreed, slapping his hands down on two separate scaly shoulders. The two dragons snorted and straightened up. “But you aren’t.” Chris jerked his chin in the direction of the main group where he could still hear the bigger lizards grumbling. “Look, you’re already used to them and even better, they are used to you.” That much was dead obvious. “You just need to do your job; to impress the boss, that’s all you gotta do.”

Shoving the two dragons down the river bank, towards home, Chris added, “You’ll be surprised how easy it is to find yourself having steak with Mrs. Sampson after that first year.”

Prompt: Steak


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A/N: Whoops! Forgot to post!

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