Raison D’être

So why this?

The reason why I have a blog site for my stories is that I can put little notes online for the curious, so they can see what is going on in my brain. I’ve always wanted to know what goes on in a writer’s head and I doubt I’m the only one.

Here is a place where I can just put ideas up on the chopping block and see what others think about it. Whether it’s worth fleshing out or if it’s better to be tossed into the “silly/do-not-even-think-about-it” pile.

Many times I have had a plot idea that could go both ways. The problem is, both ways have an enormous influence on the story’s direction. Should this character be alive or should they die? If they do die–When and how? Should the main character know? What if it is all a cover-story? Who knows? Even here I won’t be able to pose those questions until the story has run its course and the decision has been made. However, I want to share the dilemma just to see what others would have done.

Another reason is that on “serious” story websites administrators do not allow much room for author notes, if at all. Which I understand, as it detracts from story flow. However, I like the idea of publicly acknowledging comments. It’s nice to know that others are reading my entries, and even better when they leave reviews (*hint, hint*). For myself, I get a real tickle out of receiving a reply back from authors about reviews that I have left. So, to encourage readers to leave comments and reviews, communication is key. That is after all what writing is about in the first place.

Having a system of public commentary back and forth also gives the reviewer a spot in the limelight in a way. Here they can have a discussion with the author, bringing up good ideas and thoughtful (or silly!) observations and be publicly responded to. On the other hand, if they prefer not to be on stage, there is always the private messaging route.

I like talking with authors and reviewers. It gives me a chance to set a personality to the name and number that appears on my traffic meter. What can I say? I’m social.

By Xiao Yi 2004

Yes, the featured picture used to be something else much less cheerful, but I like cheerful and this blog is about being free to be creative. So, thus you get a happy traveling bug with a guitar, titled On the Way. I felt it was appropriate.


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