The Writer

In a few words: I am a re-inspired writer.

Right now, I’m a recent graduate of the Print Futures Program from Douglas College, where all the professional writers come from… Well, they ought to.

I lived all my childhood life in one house in the Greater Vancouver Area of BC. When I graduated high school, I jumped into an arts college to learn classic animation. Unsatisfied with simply drawing and animating cartoons, I ended up in the computer graphics program for game art.

Once that program was done, I skipped town and moved out for the first time in search of a better job. I moved into an old half-house rental with a boyfriend–all the way across the country in Montreal. I stayed for two years until deciding, there really wasn’t any opportunities for an English girl at all in the French city.

Back in BC I landed. Three years of working limbo later, I had the epiphany to be an editor. So here I am, just graduated and really liking how life has turned out.

I’ve been a story-teller and an avid story-listener for all my life. Whether I was writing my own stories in notebooks or I was playing a story through video games and role-playing games. Stories have been constant through my ever-shifting life.

So, with that in mind, I’ve decided to team up with a friend, write stories and get our stuff published.

Hi, my name is Jo.

If you recognize the titles of the books in the header… I know who you are. We’ve all been staring at those books too much in the past year. And yes, the Oxford Dictionary is there too – it’s behind my head.


By the simplest means, the easiest would be to leave a comment on any of the posts.

Another way is to send me a tweet, @azhwi.

If you wish to email me, jo (at)

Now that you know me, how about yourself? I’d be absolutely tickled pink to find out just who are my readers. Give me a hint in the commentary here? Please? Thank you!


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