Hello all,

Welcome to my original fiction blog.

This is where I post chapters for my stories, as well as any information about the world they are based in. Other notes like rants or comments will also make it into the blog, though I will be keeping the plot points far away from here until they actually happen in the story-telling.

Currently, I’m poking at an urban fantasy with a few of my favourite characters tailored to fit. Working title is Hide ‘n Seek.

Bloody Woman, a collaborative piece that I’ve written with my writing partner Ariel, has been posted in its entirety.

Of my other projects, Azhrei and Man-Made Wings are on hiatus. The first is a dragon fantasy; the second, military sci-fi. Within the world of fiction, I’m not sure how you can get any more diverse than that! 😀

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Writing is a damning practice

…. Wow. Okay, I’ve been writing up a few notes for another story (about a dragon egg). I finished one page and started the next with:

terminating older children.

Dark much?

— transcripts of IMs from me to Ariel.

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We’ve put BW up on Archive of Our Own!

Nothing new for Phantom Pain yet (sorry!), but there are some drabbles that we haven’t posted anywhere else. Mostly because the drabbles were just for fun, and they aren’t edited… and yes, there are AU fandom crossovers. Guilty pleasure, right there.

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Phantom Pain: Chapter 4

“Er… what is it?” Arana asked, peering around Svorak’s larger form to stare at her sister on the doorstep.

The blonde was frowning irritably. “It was on my apartment welcome mat when I woke up this morning. Addressed to you,” she snarled, and held the thing up by the scruff of its neck.

Arana blinked. “It’s a dog.” A puppy, in fact.

“I know it’s a dog! Take it already! It’s creepy!” Continue reading

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Phantom Pain: Chapter 3

Bags packed, supplies gathered, weapons sheathed, the apartment door closed on the backs of the two gladiators as they headed up to the roof for the final phase. This time, they wouldn’t be back until noon.

Smiling, her older cousin locked the door and sealed the wards, then shooed Ruby into her room with a determined expression. The bedroom door closed with a click and several other wards sprang up into place while others fell away.



“Where’s the rock?” Continue reading

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Phantom Pain: Chapter 2

“Hey- HEY! Is anyone here!?” a familiar blue-eyed blonde demanded, stumbling into what Amaya had come to call ‘that medical place’ under the weight of her burden. She scowled and abruptly dropped the unconscious male onto the floor. “Hel-lo?”

Drai was the first to arrive, somewhat shocked by the stress Lucy was showing. Then his eyes took in the male on the carpet. “Medic!” he called.

It was Shinji Isoto, covered in blood from a wound in his side and unconscious. Continue reading

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About Phantom Pain

I just realized I hadn’t posted anything further than chapter 1. I’m so sorry.

On the other hand, Ariel and I are seriously considering reworking a few characters now that we know more about them–two years ago, we wrote Vampiric Inconveniences for NaNo 2012, a few familiar characters were in there.

Also, I had to change the name of the Triad boss’ son from Chang (Syd’s last name) to Li Mengyao. I put a little more thought into his name and as Medic would say, his name now means ‘the most powerful prettiest idiot around’. Of course, it’s the family name that means power and strength. Mengyao just means ‘superior handsomeness’. Yeah, no wonder he’s a cocky bastard.

Anyway, all this means is that if you see Mengyao’s name all over the place, you know why and where it came from. I’ll be making the changes through BW as well.

And yes, I’ll start posting PP as soon as I can.


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Need a break?

My boyfriend linked me to animated cats, based on a comic that I read. It was a welcome break to what I had been researching…


Adam says that since he had been browsing Batman articles just now, we were both reading about the same issues.




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